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Since 1975 the start of New Zealand’s winter has been celebrated with the Real Journeys Queenstown Winter Festival.

It’s with the support of our community that the festival continues to welcome over 45,000 attendees. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for your ongoing support of the festival, an event that is hugely important to our community and now a bucket list event on New Zealand’s events calendar.

The festival team works hard to celebrate our pioneering nature, our amazing hospitality, our sense of adventure and talent for having a great time along the way by hosting events from lakeside to mountain top that reflect our unique personality. Since 1975 Queenstown’s Winter Fest has existed to celebrate our place and we continue invite others to come and celebrate with us.

After 45 years the Festival may be a tradition but it’s never acted it’s age. The Festival is as vibrant as ever and for our 45th birthday, we’re turning the volume up to 11 with some rather large birthday plans. Everybody’s favourite events are back and the amazing free live music line up means Queenstown will be the only place to be.

Creating four days of predominantly free entertainment which uniquely represents our place relies heavily on the goodwill and support of our community, businesses and residents.
Together we create a reason for our locals to celebrate the unique and wintry place we call home and we create a warm welcoming host community for our visitors.

The nature of our CBD means that in order to ensure the safe running of our events, normal operations are sometimes affected. To assist those that live or work near the festival sites, we‘ve included a map of the traffic management plans including road closures and parking restrictions. It’s important that you take a little time to familiarise yourselves with the information provided below and share with others to ensure you’re aware of how these road closures might affect your normal business.

 If you have any concerns or queries prior to June 20th, please contact us at