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Food Vendor Expression of Interest

The Real Journeys Queenstown Winter Festival has a limited number of food stall spaces available during the 4 days of Festival in the Queenstown CBD within all the action! The festival will take place from 21st June - 24th June.


If you would like to apply for a food stall – please fill out the form below (ensure you fill out each event/site section(s) that you wish to have a presence at).  Please ensure you read through the Food Vendor Terms & Conditions before applying.


Applications close on Monday 2nd April 2018. 


All applicants will be notified by email as to whether their application was successful or not by Friday 7th May 2018.


For further information, please contact Craig Gallagher on email [email protected] or by phone - 021 041 0812

Queenstown Winter Festival contact form



Please let us know your availability 

Vendor Category



Vendor Trading Dates

Thursday 21st June - Sunday 24th June





*Please note that basic lighting will be provided  

Applications will NOT be accepted if power requirements are not fully explained




This form is an expression of interest only and does not guarantee you a place at any event within the Festival.  We will contact you by email to confirm whether your application was successful by Friday 7th May.


or read below:



We are very excited to open applications for the 2018 Real Journeys Queenstown Winter Festival (RGQWF)


Community Food Vendor

This includes registered non-profit clubs, groups or organisations, using voluntary labour for fundraising.

No commercial names, products or logos are to be evident.

Business Food Vendor

Profit driven business stalls using and promoting company name and products.

RGQWF have the right to close down any vendor not abiding by the rules and regulations as set out in this ‘Food Vendor 2018 Terms and Conditions’ document.


1. Food Vendor Opportunities

Watch out for the programme being announced on 27th April to obtain further information on the events....until then, we can let you know that there will be hive of activity down in the Queenstown CBD for the duration of festival - 21st - 24th June.


2. Cost & Payment

CLICK HERE to download the 2018 Food Vendor Terms and Conditions

Please note:

  • If any event is cancelled, refunds will be given minus costs incurred to RGQWF.
  • You will be notified of payment options upon confirmation of acceptance.
  • You must provide a current Food Premises Registration Certificate – fees may apply outside of RGQWF – see attached help sheet.
  • An invoice will be generated on confirmation of your stall and emailed to you. Full payment will be due by 20th May 2018
  • If payment is not received by this date your application will NOT be accepted and other applications on the waiting list will be offered your placement. No further correspondence will be entered into. 

3. Sites

1. Each site area is entitled to basic lighting, one standard 2.1m trestle tables (unless otherwise agreed) plus power if paid for. All these requirements must be confirmed by 25th May 2018.

Please Note: No extension cords / leads are provided

2. Each site will be numbered and you will receive your site number and site map when you receive confirmation of your food vendor application.

The RGQWF reserves the right to relocate stalls to fit in with the site plan at any time.


4. Application Process

The submission of an expression of interest form for a site does not ensure automatic entry.  With the increasing demand for stalls, the RGQWF will have the final say in the make-up of the vendors. 

1. The RGQWF team will engage in any debates regarding the individual merits of a particular applicant or justify the decisions made regarding successful or unsuccessful applicants.  Our priority where possible is always, relevance, fairness and financial viability for all concerned.   It is therefore essential that you make your application as complete and compelling as possible so that we have all the information when making our decision.

2. Absolutely no vendor will be granted a site because they have previously held one – and no discussion will be entered into regarding this.  The major administrative task of managing the food vendors involves sharing the opportunities with as many applicants as possible, and we will rotate from year to year as necessary.  This is especially important when we have a number of applicants delivering the same style of cuisine.  The onus is on the individual vendor applicants to be innovative and create an offering that adds something to the event – appealing to the audience and offering a point of difference from other vendors at the event.

3. Where possible, we give priority to local community groups and charitable organisations as the RGQWF is a community event and this is one way we can assist these groups.

4. From a commercial vendor perspective, priority will be given in the first instance to local businesses.  This is to align with the RGQWF’s objectives.

Please register for a stall by following these steps:

  1. Reading this information carefully.
  2. Filling out the online application before Monday 2nd April 2018
  3. Vendors will be notified if they have been successful Friday 7th May 2018.


5. Health and Safety

All food vendors must meet QWF health and safety regulations.  Stalls must have;

  • One fire blanket,
  • One fire extinguisher,
  • A small first aid kit and
  • If cooking with gas must have a certified gas bottle.
  • All equipment and electrical cables tagged and tested by a registered electrician.

These requirements will be checked on the day by our safety team and stalls that do not meet the right standards will be closed down and no refund will be given.

If you need to hire any of the above please contact Wayne Allen on 027 445 1113.


6. Zero Waste Scheme

We encourage the use of sustainable food packaging and serve ware.

The following companies can assist in providing sustainable products.

Lakes Hospitality                                                           Ashbec
67 Gorge Road, Queenstown                                        12 Phillips Street, Phillipstown, Christchurch
Ph 03 442 7291                                                         (03) 982 8822
[email protected]                             


7. Waste Management

1. Vendors are to remove all of their own festival-site rubbish. Minimal rubbish bins will be provided at the event site – please do not rely on these.  Minimal bins will also be available to place packed down cardboard boxes.

To order additional bins for your own use contact Smart Environmental Ltd 03 451 0105

 2. Vendors MUST cover their ground area with cardboard (or similar other) to soak up spillages/leaks from accidents or food preparation.

Bring cleaning products and cloths so that you are prepared for accidents!

Please be extra careful with your food preparation.


8. Glass

No Glass is to be served. 


9. Alcohol

Food vendors are not allowed to sell alcohol under any circumstances. 


10. Food

1. Only food and non-alcoholic drinks stated on your submitted Application Forms are to be sold at the Festival.

2. To encourage festival-goers to taste a variety of foods, we ask that the price of your product be kept to a minimum.

3. We will be looking for a variety of different foods especially for Auckland Airport Carnival.


11. Food Safety

You may need a Food Control Plan or National Programme – fees may apply outside of RGQWF – see attached help sheet.

This is part of the Ministry of Primary Industries and QLDC’s governance, RGQWF can not help you in any way to compile this information.

Regardless of having a Food Control Plan or National Programme you will need to submit your food safety process and show safe handling skills to RGQWF – if this is not adequate your application may be declined at any time. 


12. Water

You must provide your own water containers for kitchen use on your site.  Taps and water stations will be located within a close proximity to fill up the containers.  There is no allowance for running water to specific vendors.


13. Production

1. You must bring everything you need for food production including microwaves, gas cookers, pots, pans, utensils and whatever food is to be served on. It is recommended that on-site preparation is kept to a minimum.

2. Vendors must use our approved hire service company for any additional equipment:

Party Plus

Ph. 03 441 4000


14. Power Extension Cables & Lights

All gazebos will be marked with a site number.  We will allocate sites based on the power requirements you give us in your application form – THEREFORE IT IS VITAL YOU FILL IN ALL POWER REQUIREMENTS ACCURATELY.  This includes any additional lighting etc.

You are responsible for your own extension cords, plugs and any additional lighting. All power cords used by the vendor on the site NEED to be tested and tagged by a qualified electrician – this will be checked.

Please organise what you need well in advance of the event time.


15. Set Up Times and Vehicle Access

We will contact you with set up times and placements by the beginning of June.  Details on vehicle access points will also be stated in the email.  These set-up times must be adhered to in order to ensure smooth running of the event.


16. Disclaimer

The RGQWF is not responsible for the loss of vendor’s products or equipment.