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Apres Ski Dining Programme

The Queenstown Winter Festival (QWF) format is changing for 2017.  The Festival will be held across four days (22-25 June 2017) - much shorter than previous years.  The new format will allow for a much more impactful programme, visitors will be able to plan an entire ‘festival trip’ and media can stay in town and cover the entire festival.

A new initiative for 2017 allows for restaurants to align with the festival and potentially be a part of a ‘side menu’ Apres Ski Dining Programme.  In order to get involved, restaurants must submit an idea for a ‘foodie event’ that is a unique offering not otherwise available the rest of the year.  The top eight events will be selected based on defined criteria (explained below) and form the Apres Ski Dining programme of the festival.

What: Apres Ski Dining Programme
Dates: Thursday 22 – Sunday 25 June 2017
Times: Apres Ski – after 4pm into the evening
How to Apply:  Apply here   
When to Apply: Applications must be submitted no later than Monday 24th April 2017
Decision Date: Successful applicants will be informed by Thursday April 27th 2017
Cost: $250 plus GST – this is to cover festival administration and marketing costs
        2 x FOC tickets for QWF to use for promotional or media purposes


Queenstown Winter Festival’s vision is ‘to produce an annual winter festival that delights attendees and reinforces Queenstown’s position as the premier four season lake and alpine resort in the Southern Hemisphere.'

The events created and submitted for consideration to form part of the Apres Ski Dine programme should consider the above vision.

A QWF Steering Group (made up of QWF management, DQ Board representatives and other festival stakeholders) will consider each application with the festival vision in mind and also use the following criteria:

  1. Relevant – does the event celebrate winter and/or the local produce/environment/culture
  2. Unique – does the event create something new or different to that commonly found within the Queenstown dining scene
  3. Appealing – will the event appeal to a local and/or visiting diners and entice them to book and will the event appeal to media


Eventfinda is the festival’s official ticketing provider, all tickets to the Apres Ski Dining Programme events submitted must be sold via Eventfinda.  This incurs a fee that is scaled dependent on ticket price (approx. $1.50 - $3.50 per ticket dependent on price).  The inside charges need to be taken into consideration when setting a price for the proposed event.  Please seek clarification before setting your event price.

When purchasing tickets, consumers will also be charged a booking fee and credit card charge, however these are passed on to the consumer not QWF or the restaurant. 

A representative from QWF will assist with this process.


The selected events will be promoted online as part of the Apres Ski Dining programme and will also be placed in the Events section

Each event will include a logo and one landscape image.

Where possible and relevant, additional marketing will be on other festival channels such as Facebook, Instagram etc and via media partners (eg Allied Press).

While QWF will market the food events as part of the wider festival programme, the events will be secondary to the main events staged (Friday Night Party & Fireworks etc) and their size/placement will reflect this.

Terms & Conditions

  • Due to festival partnerships already in place, events must not have any promotional element that conflicts with QWF’s current partners.  This includes QWF’s beer and cider partner (DB) and wine partner (Gibbston Valley Wines).  NZME and Allied Press are the radio and print partners of the festival, so promotion of the events must not be through their competitors.  For a full list of sponsors, please check online and feel free to contact Lisa Buckingham to discuss further and seek clarification.
  • Applications received after the application closing date will not be considered.
  • The QWF Steering Group’s decision on inclusions is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Low ticket sales will be considered two weeks out from the event, an event may be cancelled at this point but after such date the event must go ahead.
  • If selected up to date Health & Safety documentation must be submitted to QWF in order to be included in the programme.
  • The image accompanying your application must be at least 1000 pixels in size, landscape (not portrait) and in jpeg (.jpg) or PNG (.png) format.  Logos must be a minimum of 600 pixels in size and 300 dpi resolution - also in jpeg or PNG format.
  • All applications must be submitted via the online form on
  • Successful applicants will be notified by Thursday 27th April 2017 and invoiced shortly after, payment must be made no later than 20 May 2017 – failure to pay by this date will result in the event being removed from the festival programme.


  • Consider who your event will appeal to eg adventurous diner, couples, vegetarian lover, kids/families…
  • Be prepared to market your event, don’t solely rely on QWF channels.
  • Be flexible with the date the event can be held (QWF want a spread across four days, not all on the Saturday night of the festival!).
  • Clearly illustrate what the ticket price covers (consider non-alcoholic options if including alcohol in the ticket price and also consider dietary requirements for set menus etc).
  • Seating based on a ‘first come first served’ basis will be easier to manage than working to a floor plan that needs to be loaded onto a QWF/Eventfinda site and can’t be manipulated once loaded.


Further Information:

Please contact Lisa Buckingham on 027 294 6837 or [email protected]

You can download this information here as a pdf