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Countdown to Festival opening

The bright lights, fireworks and star attractions of the 43rd Queenstown Winter Festival will shine even brighter on Queenstown and its annual winter celebrations coming straight after winter solstice and the shortest day of the year.

New sponsor for Queenstown Winter Festival a local hero

Media release 20 April 2017: Real Journeys fires up for Queenstown Winter Festival‘s 2017 Friday Night Party & Fireworks

One hundred days to go!

13 March 2017
One hundred days to go before the start of the 43rd Queenstown Winter Festival, planning is well underway as the team behind the scenes is creating an action-packed programme for the new four-day format.

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Carnival atmosphere on the last day of the 43rd Queenstown Winter Festival

For attendees trying to take in every last event in the 43rd Queenstown Winter Festival before the end of the jam-packed four-day weekend of festivities the day started at dawn in the mountains and will end under a crisp and starry night in downtown Queenstown.

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Shenanigans from lakefront to mountain top rule Day 3.

MEDIA RELEASE: Shenanigans from lakefront to mountain top rule the day at the 43rd Queenstown Winter Festival 

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Artful dodgers, influencers, and fireworks at the Queenstown Winter Festival 2017

Artful dodgers, influencers, carnivorous competitors were just the prelude to thousands of party people watching the explosive fireworks and live music on a still Wakatipu evening at the end of the second day of the 43rd Queenstown Winter Festival.