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The Hits


With the very best presenters in New Zealand, The Hits is new, fresh and exciting.

The Hits is designed to engage with today’s adult listener. It’s the place you go to feel happy, connect with like-minded people, laugh and sing along to all the songs.

It’s the go-to station for smart, busy women over 30 years old and men also love it. The Hits brings you local, national and international star talent and we’ve just doubled the local hours on air. Being local, being from here and talking about what is happening in town is a critical component to The Hits success.

04363 StaceFlynny       Ferg3

Stace & Flynny                                                     Ferg 
The Hits Drive Show                                           The Hits 90.4  

The Hits & iHeartRadio Events

23 Jun

iHeartRadio Day on the Bay

What a day on the bay! Come down for the hilarity and craziness of the iHeartRadio Day on the Bay!

23 Jun

The Hits 90.4 Birdman

If you enjoy watching crazy, brave, and enthusiastic people launch themselves into icy cold Lake Wakatipu, don't miss this!