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Atomic Coffee Roasters

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Atomic Coffee Roasters is a boutique coffee company based in Auckland, and served in cafes across the country.  Atomic will be bringing a taste of specialty coffee to Queenstown in the Concord Lounge Caravan, to keep you fuelled up throughout the festival. 

Atomic Coffee is fanatical about delivering freshly roasted, 98% fair trade coffee to those who share our passion for quality crafted espresso.  Atomic began life in 1992 as an iconic Ponsonby Road café, roasting on site with a 3kg Swaldo.  While the brand has grown exponentially since then, roasting continues to form the heart of our business.  The creation of excellent coffee lies somewhere between a science and an art, so you won’t find any big factory or production line around here.  We believe in taking a hands-on approach, sample roasting and cupping each new bach to ensure small variation in profile are accounted for.  Each of our origins is then carefully and expertly small-batch roasted in a traditional cast-iron probate to create our distinct range of blends.    

Visit the Atomic Coffee Roasters Website


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Atomic Pop-up Caravan Cafe