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The Feelers

A momentary altercation on a Christchurch primary school football field was the catalyst for a music partnership between James Reid and Hamish Gee that has spanned Twenty Five years and brought us one of our best loved bands, The Feelers.

Along the way they have amassed some remarkable statistics, a quarter of a million albums sold, five multi platinum albums, three number one albums, seven number one singles and more radio airplay than any other New Zealand artist or band since radio stats began in 1999.

The bond between the pair and their commitment to constantly ‘bettering’ their music continues to drive The Feelers after 25 years jamming together, “music is always going to be my art and my love, eventually I’ll write a book but until then I have music, “ says James. “My motivation is purely financial, I just can’t think of anything else I would rather do,” jokes Hamish.

The Feelers are promising one of their best live shows yet, “our set lists just keep getting longer and longer, we will probably play for two hours this time around,” says Hamish. And fans can rest assured they will be revisiting all their biggest hits with a new found enthusiasm, “I have memory problems so when we play the old stuff its like I’m playing it for the first time. Wow, what’s that track? Venus... great song dude,” laughs James.”