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2018 Results


Old Mout Dodgeball Championships

1st Place - Duck Out Game Strong - Fabian Van Berkel, Andrew Hadjis, Lachlan Davidson, Jordan Davidson            

2nd Place - The Brown Bros & Henry - Regan Pearce, Daz Schwalger, Troy Herewini, Henry Youngman                    

Best Dressed Team - Dodgey As - Jake Andrade, Ross Mclean, Alex Bousquet, Liam Jenkins      

Best Supporters - FOR FOX SAKE -  Salmon, Carise , Mel, Pablo


Monteith's Dog Derby

Country 1st Place - Mike Wilson with Jessie  

Country 2nd Place - Jacob John Mackie with Rev

Country 3rd Place - Jack Devlin with Skid

Town 1st Place -  Sean Beale with Sox             

Town 2nd Place - Scott Gunerhay with Laszio

Town 3rd Place -  Tim McKewin with Nico             


Monteith's Dog Barking

Best Overall 1st Place - Tom Falconer with Jim

Best Overall 2nd Place - Chris Lawson with Meg  

Best Overall 3rd Place - Millie Aitken with Meg

No Bark (Human Bark) - Fiona Farquahar                         

Best Dressed Dog - Dan Sims with Wallace            



Jucy UNDY 500 

Male 1st Place                 

Male 2nd Place                

Male 3rd Place               

Female 1st Place             

Female 2nd Place          

Female 3rd Place             


The Hits 90.4 Birdman

Best Overall                       

Best Flight                         

Best Costume/Contraption   

Best Corporate                   


Vincent Holdings Jetsprints

Fastest Lap           


Mitre 10 MEGA DIY Funduro

1st Overall                        

Most Epic                         

Ahoy Matey Award             


Macpac Mountain Bikes on Snow

Male 1st Place                 

Male 2nd Place                

Male 3rd Place                 

Female 1st Place Equal     

Female 3rd Place Equal   


QRC Hospitality Race

1st Team                       

2nd Team                      

3rd Team