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Lauren Bath

In January 2011, Lauren Bath was still working as a chef in a local Italian restaurant when she decided to quit in order to follow her newly-found passion for photography.

An early adopter of Instagram, Lauren had already amassed a large following for her signature colourful landscapes and intimate, up-to-the-minute commentary on her travel experiences, and shortly after making the leap to full-time ‘gramming, was labelled ‘Australia’s first professional instagrammer’ by the Australian media – essentially paving the way for what would become an entirely new industry, based around travel influencers. Four years later, Lauren is not only one of Australia’s most powerful travel instagrammers (at time of publishing, her followship stood at 454,000) but has proven herself to be a savvy, insightful business woman, establishing a social media company that provides campaign management, consultancy and education to industry leaders.

In 2015 she was a Finalist in the Gold Coast Women in Business Awards in the “Women for Change” category.

23 Jun

Olympus Queenstown Winter Meet

This is a day not to be missed if you work in marketing and sales with presentations by a leading social media influencer.