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Franziska Maciej

 With a degree in Cultural and Media Education and many years of experience in Early Childhood Education and Management, Franziska’s professional career took a turn when she came to Queenstown 2.5 years ago and tried the New Balfour Pecorino at Gibbston Valley Cheese. Going back to Germany wasn’t an option anymore - Franziska had to be where the Pecorino was.


Today, Franziska is the Operations Manager for Gibbston Valley Cheese, a shop and cafe providing a wide range of artisan cow, sheep and goat cheeses. Established in 2002, the location is advantageous for showcasing New Zealand speciality cheeses, offering a unique experience to visitors from near and far. Being European Franziska has brought her passion and extensive knowledge of raw and pasteurized cheeses to Gibbston Valley Cheese. Franziska has recently been to the factory and made cheese herself, gaining hands-on knowledge and valuable hints and tips on artisan cheeses from the cheesemaker.


Franziska lives in Arrowtown, where she’s actively involved in the local community through yoga and drama, currently working behind the scenes for an upcoming theatre production.

Franziska Maciej

22 Jun

Gibbston Valley Wine and Cheese Tasting