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The Strait Shooters

5 musicians from different musical backgrounds united to deliver one thing – southern roots music with a funky twist. More than just a blues band, The Strait Shooters blend their funk, rock, blues and jazz pedigree into a band covering some well-known classics mixed in with their own originals.  Their debut album ‘That’s All We Have Time For’ charted into the NZ Top 20 in March, and is now selling globally via ITunes, and Amazon to name just a couple of digital platforms.


Featuring British born Warwick ‘Electrolux’ Murray on guitar, harmonica and vocals. Ramblin’ Rick Stringer from Dunedin on keyboards, vocals and additional Harmonica. ‘QT’ Lee van Der Schuit from Dunedin on sultry lead and backing vocals. Aaron ‘The Funky Chief’ Nonoa from Wellington on bass and vocals. And Andrew ‘leopard skin’ Richardson from Wellington on drums.


The Strait Shooters formed in 2012 for the Fiji International Blues Festival, and take their name from the constant need to ‘shoot’ back and forth across Cook Strait for various gigs and events. They have been touring and playing festivals every chance they get over the last 5 years, and they’re hoping to have their second album ready in time for Christmas this year. They can’t wait to return to Queenstown and deliver a show best described as ‘Hot Funk, Cool Blues, Bad Jokes & Good Times.’


25 Jun

Auckland Airport Carnival

The Auckland Airport Carnival is the Winter Festival finale and is all about celebrating Queenstown and the diverse communities that live here.