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Sport Suzie

Sport Suzie is New Zealand's Crazy Aerobics, Sport and Circus fanatic.

Look out for her roving the festival on possibly the smallest bicycle you’ve ever seen.  Or grab your favourite retro shorts, slap on some zinc, and join Suzie as she takes you back to the 80’s with her Super Winter Workout Show. 

Suzie’s' Show is full of crazy stunts, from dumbbells flying in the air, wicked juggling, wacky weightlifting, and to top it off she'll perform the best cardio workout of all time by skipping on a 6 foot Unicycle. 

Suzie aka Louise Kerr has been entertaining audiences all over the world with her unique style of circus and comedy.

22 Jun

Comedy Night - Thursday

SOLD OUT show! - Second show added for Friday 23rd June!

23 Jun

Comedy Night - Friday

Queenstown loves a good laugh - so much so that we needed to repeat the show for a second night!

25 Jun

Auckland Airport Carnival

The Auckland Airport Carnival is the Winter Festival finale and is all about celebrating Queenstown and the diverse communities that live here.