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Paul Ego

7DAYS Star PAUL EGO is NZ's funniest ‘make-it-all-up-as-he-goes-along’ comedian. Described as “7Days quickest wit”, Ego is the veteran of thousands of local and international gigs. His 20 year comedy career has seen him not only ‘on-stage’ but ‘on-air’ with both MoreFM and The Rock. Paul has been a husband for 26 years, a father for 15 years and the voice of a large yellow supermarket for about 8.

“Ego is undeniably the master of improv. He is clever, entertaining, warped at times but always funny” (Yahoo Entertainment)

“A skilful and powerful performance by NZ’s top professional comedian” (Theatreview)

“Ego must be the most relaxed comedian on the circuit. He has enormous charm and a terrific rapport with his audience" (NZ Herald)

Paul Ego's Events 2017

23 Jun

Real Journeys Friday Night Party & Fireworks

Keep your Festival going with a bang at the Friday Night Party & Fireworks!