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Killer Seas

Inspired and influenced by rhythm & blues, garage rock and psychedelic soul The Killer Seas are an undeniably raw rock band playing straight from the gut.


Onstage their music is whiskey soaked and overdriven,a sound full of story and drenched in visceral experience.

With a trail of crammed dance-floors, smoking amps and sweaty venues in their wake they have found their sound on the stage. A working band with a wall of guitar fuzz, rumbling low-end bass and pounding drums that give way to the guttural vocal exhaltations of singer Taiharuru Forrester.


When lyrics 'If I had my way, I'd burn this building to the ground!' are issued as a manifesto rather than a pleading refrain you feel the fury, blood and sweat behind the music.


The Killer Seas are a rock and roll band. They are from Aotearoa NZ.