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Justine Smith

Having won the Billy T Award, the NZ Comedy Guild Best FemaleComedian (twice) and the NZCG Best MC (also twice), Justine has established herself as one of the key players in new Zealand Comedy. With a flick of the eye and “To be honest…” she will have the audience in stiches.

Justine does not suffer fools. No she doesn’t. Those who know Justine will readily testify to the fact the she is one of the most honest comics you’re likely to meet. This combined with her razor sharp wit and biting commentary also make Justine one of the funniest people you’re likely to meet. 

Justine has appeared in numerous TV shows, the Comedy Gala, AotearoHA, A Night At The Classic, After Hours, hosted TV3’s Divas and has been a writer for both The Jono Project and Rhys Darby’s TV vehicle Short Poppies.

Known for her consistently great shows in the NZ International Comedy Festival, The Justine Smith Hour, Return of the Jussi and Jussi Town, Justine has also been part of The Lady Bunch and a regular collaborator with Irene Pink. Their shows include 2011’s  I’m Sorry I Said That and also a 2012 recipient of The NZ Comedy Trust Creative Comedy Initiative for The Pitch.

2015 saw Justine perform her first solo show in five years at the NZ International Comedy Festival, Justine Smith Abroad, to both commercial success and critical acclaim. Audiences will be anticipating her return in 2017 with Justine Smith An Hour Roughly, which should be about 60 minutes.

If you were to try and define Justine as a lover or a fighter, you’d have to say a healthy mix of both. She is capable of tearing strips off people on stage, and then having a drink with them after the show. A leading light of New Zealand Comedy, Justine is just as comfortable in a theatre or a local bar in the country. Simply put, one of our best.

22 Jun

Comedy Night - Thursday

SOLD OUT show! - Second show added for Friday 23rd June!