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Dai Henwood

Dai has been performing comedy for over fifteen years, starting in Wellington while at University studying Theatre and Film, along with Eastern Religion of all things. His distinctive high energy, in your face performance style has won him fans around the world from Edinburgh to Melbourne and his characters have blitzed audiences from Tokyo to Montreal.


Well recognized for his role as captain of “Team 2” on TV3’s weekly topical comedy panel show 7Days and also as the host of Family Feud, Dai’s TV exposure really started with the cult hit, InsertVideo Here on C4 TV. This led to two series of Roll The Dai, which saw him travel the length of New Zealand and also spend a month travelling through Outback Australia.


Dai’s popularity with such a wide cross section of the community is down to his everyman personality. Personable and easy-going, he’s all of the good things about New Zealand culture.

22 Jun

Comedy Night - Thursday

SOLD OUT show! - Second show added for Friday 23rd June!