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Finley and Isla are a pair of musical siblings based in Melbourne. With two strong voices, an acoustic guitar and a bit of percussion, they perform unique arrangements of contemporary and classic songs with a focus on great harmonies and stripping it back.


After Ryan Reynolds shared their acoustic cover of the Deadpool Rap it quickly went worldwide leading to Brentwood being featured on ‘Deadpool – Reloaded’ the soundtrack for the motion picture.


Most recently Brentwood were finalists in the live shows of The X Factor Australia on Channel 7 under the mentorship of Iggy Azalea.


Brentwood upload new acoustic covers to their YouTube channel regularly and, with an EP set for release, these gingers are worth keeping an eye on.

25 Jun

Auckland Airport Carnival

The Auckland Airport Carnival is the Winter Festival finale and is all about celebrating Queenstown and the diverse communities that live here.