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2017 Results


QRC Hospitality Race

1st Team                       Mercure 3 (Mercure Queenstown Resort)

2nd Team                      Team GB (Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa)

3rd Team                       St Moritz (Hotel St Moritz)


Monteith's Dog Derby

Country 1st Place           Jacob Mackie

Country 2nd Place          Prue Johns

Country 3rd Place           Michelle Osborne

Town 1st Place               Brad Saville

Town 2nd Place              Sean Bale

Town 3rd Place              Russell Wilson


Monteith's Dog Barking

Best Overall 1st Place      Aaron Johns

Best Overall 2nd Place     Jesse Porter

Best Overall 3rd Place      John Broughton

No Bark                          Emma Dermott

Best Dressed Dog            Christine Breman


Old Mout Dodgeball Championships

1st Place                         Team REESpect (The Rees Hotel)

2nd Place                        Balls to my Face

Best Dressed Team          All dodge no balls

Best Supporters               Above Average Joes


Macpac Mountain Bikes on Snow

Male 1st Place                 Jimmy Carling

Male 2nd Place                David Perez Nami

Male 3rd Place                 Tim Hal 

Female 1st Place Equal     Natalie Jakobs & Kathy Morris

Female 3rd Place Equal     Amy Freedman & Melissa Newell

Jucy UNDY 500 

Male 1st Place                 Alex Radley 

Male 2nd Place                Marcel Stettler

Male 3rd Place                Harold Chiffoleau

Female 1st Place             Georgia Holt

Female 2nd Place            Amanda Broughton

Female 3rd Place             Ameila Zupan


The Hits 90.4 Birdman

Best Overall                       QT Fire Rescue

Best Flight                         Mitre 10 MEGA

Best Costume/Contraption   Shotover Jet

Best Corporate                   SKYCITY


Vincent Holdings Jetsprints

Fastest Lap                        Kevin Molloy

Mitre 10 MEGA Raft Race

1st Overall                        GO ORANGE

Most Epic                          Dart River

Ahoy Matey Award             Landsker

Olympus Bobsled Championship

1st Place                           Chris Neil

2nd Place                           Julien Facci

3rd Place                           Chris Heaven

Auckland Airport Suitcase Race

Male 1st Place                  Corey Sinteur

Female 1st Place              Meriel Farr