I sit at a window that looks out to a sign that says “Keep Queenstown Beautiful” with the backdrop of the Walter and Cecil Peak – it feels like an easy task to fulfil. Queenstown is one of the planet’s most beautiful spots and we are all very lucky to call it home.

However, we do all have a responsibility to ensure our place is looked after. This stretches out to a wider responsibility in the way that we live our lives. The RJ’s Winter Fest is taking that responsibility seriously and introducing a reusable cup scheme for 2018’s festival.

When you buy a drink at our Festival Hub or Bath House stage bars – you will be asked to buy a reusable cup for $3 that we will rinse and refill for you every time you pop back to the bar. If you want to keep the cup – it’s all yours. If you want to bring it back the next day, even better! If you don’t want to keep old of your cup, then you can trade it back in for $1.

All of this is in the name of keeping Queenstown beautiful and being forward thinking about minimising the waste that festival produces.

We know that an additional $3 per first drink may come as a surprise to some, especially if you’re buying a round, or just buying a soft drink – however, it’s absolutely for the greater good and even at the very least adds a new cup to your camping gear stock.

Queenstown Winter Festival