We don’t know about you but we’re fans of the new Orbus. $2 and you can get anywhere in Queenstown? We got from Arthurs Point to Arrowtown for Pie Pint and Pinot during Autumn festival for $2?!?! That’s amazing.

We’re just popping a wee reminder out that festival is a raaaather busy time of year. Parking is not easy to find and the taxi’s are all really busy. We can’t do much about the amount of parking available, but we can encourage you to utilise the great bus service we now have available to us.

The Orbus is running daily during festival, and are primed and ready for you to jump on the bus to get to and from town. Buses run until after 10pm, and by then all of the Bath House stage action is over so there’s no excuses unless you’re at one of our Memorial Centre shows.

Jumping on an early bus for Fireworks night is also very much encouraged as some people may not get the memo, and the roads might have delays. Fireworks start at 7pm with entertainment on all day, so pop down early anyway and soak up the action.

Grab a Go Card, top it up, download the Choice app and be Orbus ready for festival. It really is the best way to get around during such a busy weekend in town.


Queenstown Winter Festival