Downtown Day

25 June
Earnslaw Park

Join the amused and bemused crowds for the year’s best lunch break. Watch a tasty twist on the good old egg and spoon race with the Cup & Cake Challenge, before the QRC Hospitality Race sees one Queenstown top hotel be crowned the ‘Hosts with the Most’. The QRC Hospitality Race attracts prizes from Queenstown Resort College from Lunch for 4 to coffee and cakes alongside American Express Winter Wonderland Ice Rink passes!

When the Hits 90.4 Drag Race first joined the Winter Festival line-up, Festival-goers expected loud engines and big exhaust pipes.  It was only when leggy blondes (with hairy chests) clambered onto the street that everyone realized we weren’t talking that type of drag!

An invitation-only event, ‘Ladies’ of all shape and style will compete in the fierce battle of the handbags. Cheer on these usually reserved local gentlemen as they ‘gracefully’ make their way around the obstacle course in their compulsory high heels and unforgettable short skirts.

We’re inviting some of your favourite Drags from years gone by, so standby for a walk down memory lane!

The judges will be looking for Miss Best Dressed, Miss Personality, Miss Friendly, Miss Photogenic and overall Drag Queen 2014!